Course description

This course will focus on the techniques and tools for testing the security of Android mobile applications.During this course the students will learn about important topics such as the Android Security model, the emulator, how to perform static analysis, traffic manipulation, and dynamic analysis.  By taking this course you will be able to perform penetration testing on Android mobile applications and expose potential vulnerabilities in the tested application.

: The objectives of the course are

     Understand the Android application threat landscape

     Perform penetration testing on android mobile apps

     Identify vulnerabilities and exploit them

     Operate AppSec Labs' unique AppUse customized VM for android pen-testing


Target audience

: Members of the security / software development team

     Security penetration testers

     Android developers



: Before attending this course, students should be familiar with

     Common security concepts

     Java background and basic knowledge of the Android development platform

     Basic knowledge of the Linux OS


Hardware / Software requirements

: Please make sure that each machine has

     At least 2GB of RAM (4GB is highly recommended)

     15GB of free HD space

     VMware player (free) or VMware workstation (commercial)

     Wireless connectivity in the class – a dedicated router accessible from the class' network

Android device & cables – optional




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